Monday, March 24, 2008

Natural Health & Nutrition Links

I'm busy this week, but don't want to ignore Raw Milk Mama. So, to provide you with some reading material and to be concise at the same time, I've decided to share with you some links for further reading on topics I love. Some articles I even wrote myself, so it keeps me from feeling like I'm neglecting you.

  • What makes Raw Milk so healthy? Check out this page at Real Milk to learn more.
  • Curious about switching to whole foods and what to stock? Check out the Natural Food Pantry List at my Natural Health Information site. While you're there, subscribe to the Natural Health Information Blog and stay on top of my latest articles.
  • Looking for a substitute for commercial sports drinks for the summer season ahead? Try coconut water and enjoy a delicious, hydrating beverage that has nothing artificial.
  • If you've switched to grass-fed beef, you'll want to check out the Grass-Fed Gourmet cookbook, which is nice enough for a wedding shower gift.
  • Do you know someone with autism? Learn more about a autism diet that is changing children's lives.
That should provide a little reading material until I check back in.

What books do you recommend, and what online sources have inspired or helped you? Let me know in the comments, below.

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