Friday, November 16, 2007

Cod Liver Oil: Start Young!

By Maria June 26th, 2007
Family and friends over for a visit are amazed by the ease in which our young children take their cod liver oil– they are shocked to hear the children come up to us after the evening meal and remind their father excitedly, “Oil time! Oil time!” Their exuberance matches that of children asking for a popsicle, and our guests are surprised to see the appearance of the supplement and not some processed sugar product.
Jack (4) and Megan (2) have been taking liquid high-vitamin cod liver oil daily for the past eight months. We began by letting them watch my husband and I take a spoonful, and we spoke highly about the benefits of the supplement, explaining why we thought it was important. We offered them each a taste, so they could get used to the oil before being given a whole teaspoon. For a few days, they got used to the taste and texture by just having a drop of the oil, followed by a chewable vitamin C. Soon enouh, the oil was being licked from the spoon in whole doses.
Many of our grown friends and relatives have a very hard time taking cod liver oil; however, those who received it as children can take it easily now, even if decades of their lives in between were deprived of the supplement. It is encouraging to know that not only are we building our children’s health with the food we give them, but we are shaping their knowledge and their ability to recognize and appreciate that which will nourish their bodies.
Excellent article from the Weston A. Price Foundation, by Krispin Sullivan, CN: Cod Liver Oil: The Number One Superfood

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