Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Longing for a Farm

Top 10 Reasons I wish I Lived on a Farm:

10. For space to live without feeling crowded.

9. To return to my roots, having grown up on a small vegetable farm.

8. Baby animals in the spring.

7. To reclaim part of the earth for organic, sustainable living.

6. Chickens and farm fresh eggs.

5. Real work, that mattered, for all of us.

4. The chance to grow heirloom vegetables.

3. For increased self-sufficiency.

2. Our kids' childhoods would be farm life experiences.

1. Fresh, raw milk from our own grass-fed cow.


ladybug143 said...

Amen! I have the same dream

ewelambb10 said...

Oh yes and Amen, I am ready too! ! !